Global Brand Management


The paper studies how a global enterprise can introduce the same product in various world regions and countries, and how brand building strategies can be standardized or altered to match each target market and segment, and how far keeping brand identity and personality standardized across these markets is necessary and challenging. As an example to build the research around, the passenger compact car Astra by General Motors is chosen to elaborate the idea through studying local website entries of; UK, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, China, Russia, Singapore, Egypt, and Israel. The paper starts with a brief introduction about GM branding strategies and the history and characteristics under different brand umbrellas of the Astra. The research moves into covering the GM global and local websites key brand touch points that play different roles in different consumer purchasing process steps. Astra brand personality, image, positioning and targeting are studies and compared across different local websites. The way GM leveraged the brand Astra from both focused and diversified approaches across global markets is also elaborated. The paper then moves deeper into comparing consumer value propositions and benefits provided for each local market through researching functional, process, and relationship benefits.

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